"Alissa Tone is truly one of the best speech therapist ever! My twins came in at the age of 2 1/2 with no speech at all. After a couple of weeks, my daughter was non stop taking and my son in just a few months who has high functioning autism started using words.  It just blew us away.  She is so easy going with kids and has such great activities to teach them.  If I could I would give her 10 STARS, five for each child!! Thank you, Alissa!!!"

Nicole D., San Jose, CA

"We met with the speech therapist Merrett. We like her immediately. She is so pleasant, sweet, professional and honest. She did evaluation for my daughter and concluded that my daughter doesn't need therapy. She also took time to explain and answer my questions with patience. It's such a great experience. Merrett is wonderful!"

Helen H., Santa Clara, CA

"Amy is a great SLP. She has connected well with our 2 1/2 year old son.  Lots of toys to help guide fun speech exercises, a playroom, and ample parking.  We have been coming here for three weeks now and already feel like we are seeing results."

Byron H., San Jose, CA

"We are working with Ms. Merrett for my son's speech delay and he's had great progress and loves going to therapy because she has put the time to connect with him. The office is very professional, Ms. Alissa has been extremely responsive with all my emails and questions, even working with me to understand insurance coverage (they accept UHC) and are quick to schedule appointments. They are punctual, knowledgeable and less expensive than others in the area."                            

Cristina E., Santa Clara, CA

"Alissa worked with my son and was amazing! She always came in with a smile and was patient and supportive. We learned so many wonderful techniques from her to help my son. We are so grateful to her for her help!"

Marsha S., Santa Clara, CA

"Keys to Communication came into our lives during a time where we were desperate, due to our previous Speech & Language service provider being unable to meet our scheduling needs. Just when we thought there was going to be an interruption in my daughter's services, they took us in right away and wasted no time in picking up where the last agency left off. Ms. Amy built strong rapport right away with my daughter. She took the time to read my daughter's goals and ask relevant questions about her Speech & Language development. My daughter has certainly made herself at home in their office. To this day, she looks forward to her weekly Speech sessions and asks for Ms. Amy by name. From the parent perspective, I have experienced nothing but professionalism on the part of the staff. They encourage you to participate depending on your comfort level. The office is always clean and their practices are with children's different needs and overall well being in mind. I just can't say enough nice things about Keys to Communication and their services."

Diana M., San Jose, CA

"I am very satisfied with Keys to Communication. My son has been seeing Ms. Merrett for the past month and he has grown so much in this time frame. His communication skills have been improving as well as his tantrums that come from the frustration of not being able to communicate. He loves going to see Ms.Merrett! I'm truly grateful for her and the team."

Violet P., San Jose, CA

"Alissa worked with my son for several years. She did an amazing job pulling language from him and her demeanor was always playful and cheery. She was also the first person to point out other issues outside of the ST practice, leading us to seek out additional services that were also critical to his development. Alissa took the time to work with his therapist team to ensure that his goals were being addressed across disciplines.  Without Alissa, my son would not have blossomed into the boy he is today. I have recommended her to several friends over the years."

Heather G., Austin, TX