Insurance Clients:

Keys To Communication currently accepts UnitedHealthcare, Kaiser, and BlueCross, BlueShield insurance. All other clients will be private pay.


We expect to bring on additional insurance providers in the near future.


Private Pay Clients:

As a private pay client, your treatment may eligible for reimbursement through your insurance company.


At the end of each month, you will receive a receipt/Superbill including all the codes your insurance company needs to process your claim.  There will be two types of codes on your receipt, and the insurance company will use these codes to determine coverage.


Procedural codes/CPT codes are used to identify the type of service provided. Diagnostic codes/ICD-9 codes are used to identify your child's diagnosis, (i.e. why the treatment is being provided.) There are many of these codes, and the evaluation will help us determine which of these codes to use. Your receipt/Superbill may have one or more diagnostic codes. Your insurance company may not cover certain diagnoses, so this is where it is important to know ahead of time about any conditions they specifically exclude.


Your insurance company may require periodic documentation and information from us, which requires additional time on our part. This time is billed at our regular hourly rate. They will then reimburse you (the parents) if services are a covered benefit.


Please be aware that insurance benefits for speech-language therapy vary greatly from insurance company to insurance company, and even between different policies with the same insurance carrier. If you are interested in seeking reimbursement, you should call your insurance company to find out about the coverage and any limitations of your plan.

Good questions to ask your insurance company

  • Does your insurance company cover Speech and Language Therapy Services?
    • If yes– How much?

  • Is there a deductible?

    • If so, how much?

    • How much has been applied so far?

  • What is my maximum out of pocket expense?

    • How much has been applied so far?

  • Is there a limited number of visits for speech therapy?

    • If so, how many of each?

    • How many have been used this year?

  • Are there any restrictions on the number of services provided in a day?

In gathering information from your insurance company to find out about your coverage, please keep in mind that no matter what you are told on the phone, this is never a guarantee of coverage. But getting the most detailed and accurate information certainly helps you know what your insurance is likely to cover.

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