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Our Philosophy

Keys To Communication provides evidence-based, high-quality speech and language therapy services to improve communication abilities with patients/clients in our community.


Therapy is provided in a positive, supportive learning environment for clients/patients in a fun and motivating manner.  


We believe in a team approach working with parents/caregivers/teachers involved in our client/patients everyday lives to promote generalization of communicative skills. Thus unlocking new paths in life and opening a world of possibilities

Consistency of Values

In addition to providing high-quality speech and language therapy services, at Keys To Communication we also strive to provide mentorship and a career path to young SLPs. This is an extension of the career development, training and mentorship to aspiring/new SLPs that Alissa has been providing for many years through her work as: an Adjunct Professor in the San Jose State University, in the Department of Communicative Disorders and Science undergraduate and graduate programs; Supervisor to student-interns from SJSU; and Clinical Fellowship Supervisor to new graduates of the Masters’ program.



One of our Key goals is to bring on board SLPs who were previously taught, trained and/or supervised by Alissa,  This approach to hiring and developing SLPs will provide the foundation for maintaining consistent treatment philosophies, methods and levels of care among all of our providers and clients.

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